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The Chocolate Guy

The Chocolate Guy was the first to bring the Chocolate Fountain into the USA and UK and has been in business now for four years. We are the most prestigious and professional business in the US and we are now developing new markets in the UK..

Steven Giles who owns the business is a professional Chef and Restaurateur, he saw the Chocolate Fountains at an event in Canada, and just knew they were going to be a huge hit..he has never looked back since.

The Chocolate Guy sells and rents chocolate fountains all over the world not just in the USA . We are proud to have over 300 million very satisfied customers worldwide.

The Chocolate Guy

We offer first class customer service, which is available 24/7, and every sale is backed up with a full 12 MONTHS? warranty. We also offer a price that you'll struggle to beat. If you're offered a better price for any chocolate fountain sale then talk to us and we'll see if we can't improve on the deal.

News Testimonial

Who loves chocolate? Shaquille O?Neal!
When ?MTV Cribs? visits Los Angeles Laker megastar Shaquille O?Neal in his Beverly Hills home, THE CHOCOLATE GUY is there! A stately fountain of delicious, delectable melted chocolate ? perfect for dipping strawberries, pretzels and other morsels.

Universal Pictures Studios
?The chocolate fountains are always a success, whether it is a Hollywood Premiere or 5000 guests at a private party. Partygoers are always drawn to the spectacle of the chocolate fountains. Nothing could be easier or a bigger hit.?

The Chocolate Guy proudly announces 13,500,000 hits for and now over 365,000 visits!! - 06/04/2005


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